Each handmade product takes 12-20 days to handcraft individually



What does “Hatke” mean? 

Hatke means “a little different”. A different way of seeing, thinking, doing, and more importantly - feeling. Hatke describes our own journey, the products we bring to you, and the values we hope we will embody as a community.

India contains a plethora of ancient handcrafted artforms and traditions that for centuries, have influenced fashion and culture. However, with the onset of machines and their speed and efficiency, these crafts have been severely threatened. We value the handmade, boasting of slight imperfections, artisans’ unique skills, rich stories and history. We believe this is what makes each piece of fabric unique...it's what makes it hatke


We have started our journey in Western India – Kutch, exploring the various fabric techniques that are known in the region. We hope to travel the rest of the vast country, bringing crafts, techniques, and stories to you soon. Each of these textiles have been thoughtfully handcrafted by artisans who have an incredible amount of talent and skill. By purchasing our products, you are not only helping us promote slow fashion, but also all the artisans who need our support and increased economic opportunities to keep their craft alive. 

Who is behind Hatke?

We are a mother-daughter team, and Hatke began as an exploration of our own relation to our cultures and traditions. We are fortunate to call two very different countries our homes - India and the United States. We started to wonder how we could connect these two cultures and bring the unique crafts and skills we were seeing across the globe. 




India is an amazingly diverse and abundant country with several dimensions. Bright and deep colors, cultures, and people define India and our mission is to find accessible ways to showcase it. We want to make the unfamiliar, familiar and share the knowledge and stories we have been collecting. 

This is why our logo and brand identity is largely defined by two dots. We believe these simple dots represent our mother-daughter team and our own stories of growing up in two cultures, our mission of connecting both these cultures, and the fact that every product has a human and story behind it. 

Hatke was also born from our desire to make a difference - however seemingly small that may be in the beginning. This social commitment has formed our core values and informed our entire process – from thought to design. We design our products directly with artisans, ensuring that we are contributing directly to their talent and livelihood, and ultimately increasing economic opportunities for them. These artisans and their families are an integral part of Hatke and we truly value and cherish our relationships with them. 



What do we stand for?

We believe it is vital for us to state our values and continue to explore ways we can hold these values to a higher standard.

We stand for slow fashion and the handmade through our textiles and processes.

We aim to bridge ancient processes and textiles with contemporary designs to create the unexpected.

We stand for vibrancy and delight, but also function.

We stand for being thoughtful in our processes (like reducing plastic packaging and striving to use natural dyes).

Lastly, we stand for giving back – to artisans, their families, and the handloom industry.